Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Washing Bottles

First run at washing bottles took far too long, but I knew that we just had to do it in order to figure out how best to change the equipment for efficiency. Only a few bottles had to be left to soak in the alkaline rinse solution (we filled them up from the leftover after setting them aside). Finished everything at 3am, and got home safely!

Need more washing racks so we can go through more bottles with fewer change overs.
Need more surface areas for staging and stacking.
Need rack for sink so bottles drip dry better before boxing.
Need fixed light for easier inspection.

Remove cap, replace gasket, rinse, wash, rinse, inspect, sanitize, inspect, fill, cap, rinse off outside and drain-dry, box, condition, test (hiccup), label, case, load, deliver. Easy.


  1. Just had one of your IPA's for the fist time! Wonderful! I look forward to coming and checking out the farm and your beer-mobile :-) Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi! Bought a couple of bottles on Saturday and mentioned you on my blog. Linked too. There's a photo of one of your beer meisters. Sorry I didn't ask his name! Link:

  3. Keep washing those bottles. Bought my first Invasive Species and it was a gusher! Appears the invasive species was inside the bottle, it foamed for an easy 5 minutes, got it into the sink for the last 4.5. Quite a sight and a mess.