Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Few weeks ago I found a broken pump at the Rebuild Center for $25, found the replacement part for $17 online, and today we fired up the new keg washer. A billion times better than previously! It blasts about twice as strong as the tap (oh, and btw cannot help but gloat at having saved hundreds compared to the new cost!).

Got a rejection letter today from the TTB on my label design, WHICH IS A GOOD THING, because I have already been calling and emailing the inspector, and with this letter I can now resubmit with all the corrections already in place as per our conversations. Anyone got a spare two grand so we can get certified organic? Turns out I cannot even mention that we use organic grains on the label, even on an ingredients list on the back. I tried to say "grains grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides" and that, too, was rejected based on the "disparaging implication that other breweries do." Like I said, just send two grand my way and we will be done with it.

The keg washer pump will also be powering a bottle washer. Judging by the performance today, I might have to refigure it so that the bottles don't end up being blasted to the ceiling.

Thanks tons to Edwin and John for their pipe fitting and plumbing expertise, and basic coolness in helping put this together!

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