Wednesday, September 30, 2009

End Of September Update...1st and 2nd Cuddly Panda Porter Sales

So wow, I don't really know what i am doing here. I guess I want you to meet a couple of our friends. Paige is wonderful. She helps tend bar, runs around after Danny when I can't think straight, and is always kind and thoughtful. We are lucky to know her (and of course, Ed!) Paige and Ed promise to teach me how to build a Cobb (sp?) structure. I look forward to the winter months with our friends. The picture to the left of Paige is of me bent over the bar (per norm), flapping my jaws at a couple of friendly customers. I am at CbP's "Mobile Public House" every weekend from 11am-6pm. I will talk your ear off, serve you beer in a glass pint sized jar, and try to sell you some of our wonderful beer to go. We have pints, quarts and growlers (grrrr!) for sell. Pints: $5 (refill pints for 3.50 - that's right, go green, please...), Quarts: $8 (refill Quarts for $6.00 - can't beat that...) and Growlers: $16 (refills for $13.00).

The picture to the right of Paige is our friend Matt. Matt is really cool. He is a local that bikes just about everywhere and spends a good deal of time figuring out his sailboat. He and his partner Kristen are our friends and regulars. They love to come get a pint and hang out with us. We love them too! Cheers to you guys.

And finally, the pictures just above this passage. Our friends who were the very first people to sample and purchase Dylan's Cuddly Panda Porter. We have photos as evidence that they are very happy with their purchases, and that they indeed did come to our Mobile Public House out on Sauvie Island. Cheers guys! See you soon for refills!

Well, time to start writing curriculum and planning on what i am going to do with that Coffee Cart that I just bought off my friend for $1000.00. I'm sure I can come up with something....;)

Muchas Gracias por leer esto,

Captured by Porches.... Local and LOCO Brewing Company

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